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Alte tipuri de jocuri

Mashi Mario (388 plays)

Move Mario through the course without being injured.

Pussy or Raw Meat (393 plays)

Guess the picture

Ultimate Billiards (439 plays)

'Play billiard - however, you only have limited time before ...

Run Run (377 plays)

Run through the warehouses doing small and large jumps so yo...

Kuririn Runner (362 plays)

Run around the levels jump on platforms avoid dangers and en...

The Shell Game (404 plays)

'Place a bet, follow the shell containing the ball and guess...

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In The land Of pumpkin (397 plays)

'Use pumkins to blast the rocks which block you way to your ...

Whack a Beast (498 plays)

Neopets version of whack a mole classic game

Flashman (499 plays)

Dogde the ghosts and collect the power pills in this classic...

Allied Assault Game (478 plays)

Annihilate all invaders and save the planet

GAPC Santa (454 plays)

Help Santa to get to GAPC to deliver the holidays gifts.

Dog Game (475 plays)

Collect bones as many as you can before time runs out.

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Bate-i pe ei

Bush Vs Kerry (2041 plays)

Play as either Bush or Kerry and knock the living daylights ...

The Legend Of Dragon Fi... (1984 plays)

The aim of this beat 'em up game is to defeat 10 opponents. ...

Towel Fighter (1979 plays)

'I have no idea who makes these game ideas, but this is a re...

Ad Tick Fighter (1973 plays)

A strange game where you beat the heck out of some guy in th...

The Rice Hat Warrior (1851 plays)

Cold steel is your only ally. Mercy has no place in your hea...

Bloody Rage (2500 plays)

Mortal Kombat style fighting game. It's a bloody rage!

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Jocuri cu avioane

Air Dodge (4287 plays)

Obiectivul acestui joc este ca la orice joc cu elicopter sau...

Zboara "dragoane" Zboar... (2876 plays)

Pastreaza dragonul in aer cat mai mult posibil. Vezi ca vin ...

Atac la nava spatiala (2629 plays)

In acest joc calatoresti prin spatiu cu nava ta interstelara...

Zboara cu Pasarea (2992 plays)

Pacat ca e in chineza dar jocul e super misto. Ca sa porne...

Boss Monster: HD (2815 plays)

Distruge cat mai multe avioane cu ajutorul ochilor. Vezi sa ...

Avionul de hartie (6654 plays)

Ghideaza avionul de hartie prin clasa (in timpul orei :P) in...

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Jocuri cu impuscaturi

Escaper Caper (314 plays)

Shoot all the bad guys before they escape. Watch out they mi...

Shoot-Osama (533 plays)

Shoot Osama with your gun while he tries to run away don't l...

Hate that Frog (634 plays)

Froh shooting game

Aliens attack (414 plays)

A simple invader clone

Damnation: Preview (403 plays)

Shoot down the hords of demonds in this classic doom remake.

Ready Aim Fire (483 plays)

This is a fast-paced alien shoot 'em up. Fly the plane throu...

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Jocuri cu masini

Spy Hunter (1268 plays)

Rave down the highway in your equipped car blasting through ...

Asteroids 2000 (1412 plays)

Another great asteroids game!

Banger Racing (971 plays)

Race the bangers around the breakfast table. Kind of a Micro...

Badger Race (1511 plays)

'Just like betting the horses, only your jockey is riding a ...

Kore Karts (1528 plays)

Race your mini-car around the 3 circuits as you try and comp...

Stay The Distance (1746 plays)

Great horse racing game. Easy but a bit harsh.

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Jocuri cu sporturi

Flash Pong (391 plays)

Classic old game of pong shoot the most points with your pad...

Blast Billiards (411 plays)

This is a cool version of the game of Billiards where you've...

Javelin Throw (449 plays)

Race against the other 3 characters in the javelin event

Santa Ski Jump 2004 (402 plays)

Jump off the platform using Santa and get as many coins as y...

TGFG Bowling (389 plays)

Power up your angle and let go of the button to shoot the ba...

Alpine Skiing (384 plays)

Ski downhill collecting stars and avoid being shot by angry ...

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Jocuri de actiune

Croustibat (455 plays)

ajuta-l pe croustibat sa-si scoata iubita din mainile monstr...

Alien Attack (347 plays)

'Eliminate the alien ships, and avoid friendly fire!'

DTunnel 3D (390 plays)

navigheaza-ti parca printr-un tunel,nu o distruge vezi cat d...

Killer Cars 2 (357 plays)

foloseste-ti masina pe campul de lupta si ucide jucatorii su...

American Fights Back (396 plays)

Crezi ca te descurci mai bine in razboi?pai atunci demonstre...

Alias 2 (385 plays)

activitati ilegale se intampla in jurul tau.oamenii nu au vo...

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Jocuri la casino

Pirates Revenge (1457 plays)

Slot machine with a pirate theme.There will be a nice loot!

Solitaire (1437 plays)

Solitaire with actress card back

Blackjack (1428 plays)

Colusseum Casino Blackjack

Let It Ride (1379 plays)

This is one of the Casino games that make use of Poker rules

Blackjack (1320 plays)

Blackjack is one of the most popular Casino games

Poker Machine (1532 plays)

Poker slot machine

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Jocuri Retro

Mood Match (598 plays)

Match the faces together in the shortest amount of time.

Jungle Crash (887 plays)

Make a group of 3 or more similar colored tiles disappear.

Cubik Rubik (945 plays)

Put all the colors together.

Flash Tiles (903 plays)

'Eliminate all the pairs of tiles with similar pattern on th...

Letter Rip (572 plays)

Find a combination of words within the scrambled letters bef...

Great Mahjong (605 plays)

Classic mah-jongg chinese solitaire game match up two of the...

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Reaktor (357 plays)

Rotate the platinum blocks and match up atleast three to des...

Onsen (432 plays)

The aim of this game is to guide the egg to the end of each ...

Grave Robber (439 plays)

Run around the graveyard digging up graves but avoid being k...

Dragon Warriors (298 plays)

Destroy evil and restore freedom to the land by creating hav...

Sarvik (357 plays)

15 diamonds are hidden in the dungeons. Find them.

Pipe Mania (459 plays)

Align the pipe pieces to get the water to reach the drain.

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